Traverse City Housing Commission
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The Traverse City Housing Commission is an organization dedicated to providing quality, affordable housing.  The organization was created in 1966 by the City of Traverse City.

In 1973, the TCHC began construction on Riverview Terrace Apartments located on the Boardman River at 150 Pine Street.  This building opened in 1976 as a 116 unit low-income senior housing apartment building.  Today, it is a 115 unit apartment building for elderly and disabled extremely low-income (ELI) residents.

In 1989, TCHC was first awarded Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV) for this region. The program can now provide up to 208 individuals and/or families with rental assistance within 50 miles of Traverse City.

In 1994, we began construction on Orchardview Townhomes, a 20 unit apartment complex located in Leelanau County.  Today, it is a 21 unit affordable housing community for families – all units are 3 and 4 bedrooms.

In the late 1990’s, TCHC launched its Family-Self Sufficiency Program to assist our low-income individuals and families in our HCV and Public Housing Programs obtain the education and the life skills and abilities necessary to become more self-sufficient.  Participants sign a Five-Year Contract of Participation and work to achieve their goals while saving money in an escrow account.  The escrow account can be used for education expenses, down payment assistance, etc.

Today our Development Team is searching for property to expand our programs.

Traverse City Housing Commission

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