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Family Self Sufficiency Program

What is this?

The Family Self Sufficiency Program is a program that provides hands on coaching to qualified families for job training, financial management and other life skills. The Family Self Sufficiency Program brings together a group of local agencies including schools, job training programs, child care and service providers for the purpose of providing resources to complete goals. The goal of the Family Self Sufficiency Program is to assist families in achieving economic independence.

What can it do for me?

Being a Family Self Sufficiency participant resources are used to create opportunity for you to obtain suitable employment . Each participating family also has the opportunity to become independent and welfare free, both within five years! Whether or not a participant completes all of the goals of the program, he or she benefits from the activities pursued while enrolled in the program. Participating in the Family Self Sufficiency Program will give you the resources to follow the dreams you felt where out of reach. Finally, a program that will be all about you and your family!

What are the benefits?

  • Obtain or Maintain Employment
  • Earn Escrow Money by Increasing your Earned Income
  • Improve Your Credit
  • Further Your Education
  • Enhance Your Family Budget and Financing Skills
  • Potentially End Your Need for HVC Rental Assistance
  • Participate in the TCHC Home Ownership Program

These are only a few goals current participants have accomplished on the this program!

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